Paper Planes & Moon Buggies

Recently I finished a commissioned wedding gift. This was a really sweet idea, a post-wedding gift, given a couple of months later, after the confetti had settled. The beauty of doing it this way, is that I can incorporate all sorts of details from the day, including the bride’s dress, suits, shoes, colour schemes and more. People put so much effort into a wedding you really want to get the details right for them.

The picture is based on a selection of wedding photos I was given for reference, the paper airplanes and airmail influence came from super sweet paper airplanes given out on the day and planes also has personal meaning to the couple. The client made me aware of any particular things I should capture.

All framed and ready to go and hopefully the couple will love it!

I’ve also just finished a cover image for my Mum’s eBay toy shop! I loved doing this, it’s the perfect project for me. I was allowed free reign, we discussed a couple of ideas but honestly she didn’t really know what she wanted. So my brief was colourful and fun.

The idea is based on the name, Chuckles’ Worldwide Toy Store. I came up with the idea of delivering parcels all over the world and beyond. I have drawn a couple of space pictures in the past, including Sloths in Space, and its really good fun, everything can be bobbing around and hovering above the Earth, which means you don’t need to worry about items looking grounded or shadows. It also allows you to have a lot of fun with the perspective. The space buggy is made up of toys, lilo back rest, playing card seat, spinning top steering wheel and a yoyo front tyre.

Now I have the picture, I can work on compliment slips, contact cards etc.

Banner with WM