A Puffin and a Viking walk into a bar…

Over the half-term we visited Iceland for a four day break, staying in the capital city, Reykjavik. I love all things Nordic and I’m crazy about whales, so this seemed like the ideal holiday destination for us. The city is very relaxed and completely untouched by commercialism, not a golden arch in sight.

One of my highlights was the whale watching, we were lucky enough to see loads of dolphins as well as a minke and a humpback whale. I’ve always wanted to go whale watching and providing you have your sea legs, it’s a very enjoyable and exciting experience.

Iceland 2016 Snapshot

During our stay we also visited Hallgrímskirkja, the largest church in Iceland, Whales of Iceland, The Viking Museum, as well as undertaking the Golden Circle tour. The country is very accessible; you can drive to most destinations. We cruised in our hired Hyundai into the countryside of Iceland to the soundtrack of of Monsters and Men.

Like everyone I love a gift shop and they are full with the usual suspects; trolls, whales, puffins and Vikings. It is clear that Iceland are very proud of their heritage. The city is small and welcoming and the natural sights are fantastic and just a short drive away.

The gift shops are sprinkled with these very cute, stylised illustrations by Ninna Thorarinsdottir, an Icelandic Illustrator. I really liked her work and picked up these postcards for our kitchen to remember our trip.

I would recommend Iceland to everyone, as long as you don’t mind the cold! I am a winter person through and through, so I loved it. We even found ourselves in a dedicated Christmas shop in mid April!! What more can you ask for?