My Creative Workspace: A Place to Think and Dream

Close-ups of my creative working space

Every artist needs a space to work, a creative workspace, in fact one of my favourite things to search/pin is work spaces. At the end of the day as long as you have a pencil, paper and an imagination you can draw anywhere, but surrounding yourself with creativity and your passions can’t hurt. We moved into our house in 2011. With no children I naturally nominated myself for the larger spare bedroom. This is now my office and probably my most staple room in the house.

I’m in the process of starting to redecorate for the 3rd time, much to my husband’s dismay. Unfortunately I am starting to outgrow the room and short of moving house a shift around and extra storage space is the best solution, especially as I am starting to spill into the hallway (cough)…

I do all of my artwork in my office, listening to music. It is filled with art supplies, things I’ve collected over the years and far too many pens.

So I thought I would share some before shots of my working space. Some of my favourite things are my pen racks for my markers, my collection of mugs filled with stationery, The Lady Killers poster and the many ornaments, P.S. this is as tidy as it gets!

Collage of my current creative space


Close ups in my workspace

Pinspiration & Mood Boards for My New and Improved Creative Workspace

Here is my inspiration board for my new colour scheme. Unfortunately unless I want to start getting rid of stuff, the layout will stay pretty much the same, with the exception of one corner. The main focus here is storage and creating as much storage as possible. When looking for a colour scheme, I suddenly realised rooms don’t have to be bright colours, a dark scheme will bring out the colour of the rooms contents just as much. I am lucky as my room is south facing, so I will still be able to work in the darker environment. I am really inspired by Abigail Ahern, one of my favourite designers, I picked up her decor books on Amazon second hand and these are a great companion for experimenting at home with colour.

New office mood board and inspiration 1.Cole&Son wallpaper from Jane Clayton & Company 2.Ikea 3.Tretchikoff Cushion 4.Gap Interiors/Mel Yates; Designer, Abigail Ahern 7. 8. Etsy 9. The Guardian, photo by David Cleveland 10. Etsy 

I came across this fabulous article on BuzzFeed about famous workspaces, its really interesting, ranging from Roald Dahl, who famously worked in a caravan in his back garden to Orla Kiely and Lisa Congdon (all of whom I love).

Hopefully next time I will have some after shots!!

Jackson Pollock's creative workspace enhanced-buzz-17057-1366045735-13 via