Wedding Ideas, Fails & Delights for your big day!

Wedding map, photo by Martins Kikulis

Planning a wedding is amazing fun, from tasting cakes and sweets to trying on dresses. But as we all know it can also be really stressful and doesn’t always go to plan. Recently I have been working on some personalised invitations for a client and I started thinking about successes and epic failures when we planned our wedding. So, here are some of my best and worst wedding ideas.


A wobbly start…

I didn’t grow up thinking about weddings, so when we got engaged everyone wanted to know what kind of wedding I wanted and in all honesty I had never thought about it. It took me a long time to get my head in the place it needed to be. All I knew was I wanted classy but quirky. We decided save the dates was a great place to start, especially as we were getting married the following Christmas (almost 2 years away).

I decided on tea towel save the dates, however these proved very expensive online. Then I had a master plan, that I could print my own tea towels. I did a lot of screen-printing at college and I’ve always loved it, that doesn’t mean it was a piece of cake in our pokey kitchen! I bought a kit offline and we used Ikea, 20p (phew!) tea towels. I designed the tea towel based on our VW Beetle and kept it pretty simple and one colour for ease. Using a hand cut stencil and a lot of paint, we eventually printed 100 tea towels. It was no easy feet and we are still finding red paint under chairs, on door handles, just about everywhere.

wedding ideas, personalised tea towels

Verdict: in the end they looked really good and could even be used but we must have had as many dodgy ones as the good ones that we actually sent out. I am really glad we did it, as they were different and it gave us room to breathe once people knew the big date.


Epic Fails

When I hear that beat, I can’t help but move my feet

When we sent out our invites we included RSVP cards we asked people to pick a song for the disco play list… we thought it was fun, a bit different and invited our guests to share in another love of ours, music. In a twist we didn’t see coming, we had the most bizarre responses.

The RSVP card read: “I promise to dance if you play……..”

Some of the best responses included, Cluedo, Twister, Strip Poker, anything loud, nothing. This didn’t really help build a play list, we had maybe 20 good songs we could use… in hindsight that didn’t really pay off and may be our least successful wedding idea!


The Scarlet letter

For our country themed wedding I thought red, wax seals would be a nice finishing touch for the invitations, this was a nightmare from start to finish. When I purchased a wax glue gun with an American plug, I should have seen that as a sign. There must be such a fine balance to this, the wax dries very quick and if you don’t remove the seal quick enough, it peels the entire piece off and rips the envelopes as well. If you pull it off too quick, you end up with a smudgy mess. I couldn’t quite master this and in the end I asked myself if the effort (stress) was worth the final effect, unfortunately it wasn’t and if I wanted the invites sent out before the wedding, I needed to stick a pin in that idea.


From every failure comes success, Tah Dah!

I was very concerned I may lose relatives at a wrong turn or at the local pub during their journey between the venue and the church. Fortunately the maps I designed seemed to do the trick and everyone made it to the wedding!

Wedding ideas, wedding map

Let them eat Cake

One of my favourite parts of the day was our wedding cake, the mighty tower of cheese took a lot of tasting sessions before we settled, balancing both taste and aesthetics. The faux foliage I ordered online and the Bride and Groom people I bought off Etsy and painted and decorated myself, with clay, paint, gem stones and a Playmobil flower!

Wedding ideas, cake of cheese! (not cheese cake)

Photos of Cake by Martins Kikulis

Best advice: if you have a vision for anything, be as clear as possible with the people who will be creating/staging it on the day. I knew I wasn’t going to be around to check details, but I trusted the staff at the venue and I had been pretty organised with my drawings and layout plans.