Thank You Cards: January Thank yous (not blues!)

Forrest Gump New Year sketch

Thank You Cards: January Thank yous (and not blues!)

I love Christmas so much that it is always disappointing the moment it’s over. With the final episode of Sherlock airing on new year’s day the celebrations were drawn out until the very end. I’m not a huge lover of new year but I tried to get into the spirit of it with the two revellers above.

January also means thank you cards! One advantage of being an adult is the lack of a grown up leaning over your shoulder, checking what you have written to your dear grandparents regarding the five pack of socks they so kindly gifted you. This year my cards are movie inspired, featuring Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. The 1995 comedy classic is a bit of a family fave and I wanted a thank you card that was completely left field and a bit different from my usual style. White backgrounds can be scary, but I really enjoyed creating these and using a different style. I am hoping to launch these on one of my new year’s resolutions – my UberQuirky Etsy shop! Keep an eye out for this in the near future.

Dumb and Dumber Thank you cards

Dumb and Dumber Thank you cards collage