Have a MARVELLous Christmas and an Awesome New Year!

Have a MARVELlous Christmas!

Its my favourite time of year again and another Christmas card is upon us. Selfishly I have chosen my favourite superhero movie for this one. I truly believe that people love an anti-hero, a rag tag team, a roundup of misfits and who says misfits more than the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Starlord and the gang have gathered for a family portrait at this happy time of year. Peter Quill looks merry in more ways than one, Gamora unimpressed, Groot is the Christmas tree we all wish we had. Rocket gets points for turning up and Drax is pretty chuffed with himself in the centre, even if the jumper did itch his nipples.

Also on the front is a pun I will be basking in until next Christmas ‘Have a MARVELlous Christmas!’

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 19.45.58

Inside is the much loved ‘Awesome mix-tape’ but this one is a Xmas cassette, which we all know Quill has buried in the ship somewhere.

On the reverse is maybe my favourite UberQuirky to date, a cherry bomb!! The Runaways classic was my teenage self’s rebellious anthem, in the privacy of my bedroom (so not that rebellious after all).

I normally try to base Christmas cards on something Christmassy, so this is a little different, but even though we don’t see the group tucking into a turkey, I like to think they share a very merry Christmas together. And hey, there is still a 3rd film on the horizon in order for this to become reality.

Merry Christmas!

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