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Hi there, I’m Sophie, I am 25 and I run UberQuirky from the heart of Sunny Somerset, home of Cider & The Wurzels, in the South West of England. If you have stumbled upon this then thanks for reading and if you are looking for personalised stationery with a twist, then you are in the right place.

I have always been passionate about art, design and life, and love creating works that truly reflect people and their interests.  I try to ensure my work is topical, personal and detailed.  I love to include special details for couples, families and individuals.

In December 2014 I got married, we had a unique wedding that I would describe as a quintessentially British, country wedding, with a quirky twist.  I found it so incredibly frustrating that wedding stationery appeared generic and conformist, I couldn’t find anything different to represent us as a couple. I wanted every part of our wedding to have relevance to us, our life together and our future.  I decided I would design and produce every aspect of the wedding myself and I am so pleased I did. Since then I have officially started UberQuirky so that I can do the same for other people!

Quirks & interests:

  • Art is my number one passion, whether creating it, observing it or buying it.
  • Music, I love listening to music, it is a constant in my life, I listen to music as much as I can and everywhere I can
  • Going to the theatre is my all time favourite past time, especially musicals, why say how you feel when you can sing it! From the obligatory sweet stand to programme signing.
  • Animation: I absolutely love animation, especially Disney & Pixar.
  • Collecting: verging on hoarding, my house is crammed full, from Looney Toon figures to storm trooper helmets. I like to surround myself with my inspiration and influences.
  • I am currently writing and illustrating a series of children’s books.

Now you can find me on Etsy as well, new for 2017!