payment & insurance

Payment & Insurance


Prices vary throughout depending on type of product, size etc.

For prices based on your specifications and requirements please email

Off the Shelf:

Off the shelf is derived from pre-existing designs. Each item has a set price that includes the product, original design and printing. Editing items to include relevant guest lists or names is free of charge. Further design changes and updates are £20.00 an hour.


Bespoke offers different packages depending on requirements.

Bespoke 1 £60 (i.e. A4 drawings)
Bespoke 2 £80 (i.e. more complex drawings, 4 side card design)
Bespoke 3 £130 (i.e. Invitation designs)
Bespoke 4 £130 and upwards (i.e. full wedding stationery design)

If you have a budget for a gift, let me know and I can tailor the size and image to suit.

Printing is charged as an addition for any Bespoke packages, as well as framing and further presentation details.